we give you shine

Hermle can provide you with professional polishing, matting and brushing of various metals such as brass, stainless steel and aluminum. We ensure that your products receive the maximum final polish. Highest quality and your satisfaction are our only objective. You can come to us with all your surface engineering needs. We have the latest high-end robot technology to meet your requirements and ensure the perfect surface.

No matter what your needs are from single parts, small runs, or large production lots. We are completely focused on your requirements, starting from the inquiry to the surface treatment to the delivery. With us you will achieve the perfect surface.



compact fully automatic coating line


We have a manual spray booth for special parts, an automatic coating line with an overhead conveyor system for various coatings and a spindle chain conveyor system for coating. Our new Venjakob coating line is a 3-in-1 solution that meets the highest coating requirements. We are able to meet your painting requirements, be it plastics or metals. The requirements for painting are clearly formulated. Optimized quality with high efficiency and sustainability are the order of the day. Contact us with your painting requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.


we supply you

Our punching shop consists high-speed, knuckle-joint, eccentric, impact and deep-drawing presses. The maximum punching force is about 150 tons. We use progressive dies, single dies and double dies. Our machinery also includes a Trumpf TruPunch 3000 punching nipple machine. We are able to offer series and single piece production. Due to our own in-house tool shop, we are able to maintain and service our tools. Have we aroused your interest?



an art in itself


Diamondizing (high-gloss turning and milling) of brass parts is one of our specialties. On our semi-automatic turning and milling machines, we are able to process a wide variety of turned and milled parts. In this field we have been influenced by our watch manufacturing. Diamond cutting is undoubtedly a craft that requires the utmost meticulousness and concentration.
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Contact person for inquiries

Sebastian Moser
Adresse07429 9401-256