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That is Hermle

At home in the Swabian Alps– known throughout the world

Hermle Mechanische Uhrwerke und Drehteile GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized family business based in southwestern Germany. The company was founded here – in the region Germany's inventors and tinkerers call home. Hermle is internationally renowned for its quality and precision in the areas of clocks, clockworks and turned parts and it is based in Reichenbach am Heuberg.


Years of Tradition



130 ( + USA)



One company – three strong divisions

Founded in the early 1920s, the company was already considered one of the world's most cutting-edge clock production facilities by 1930. High precision and quality standards led to an expansion of its business units. As a result, Hermle has been known for decades for its three strong divisions: Clocks, clockworks and turned parts. Customer focus, solution-oriented thinking and optimal production methods are top priorities.


Individual solutions –
or: everything that can be solved using gear teeth

Especially in the field of turned parts, Hermle is known for creative, individual solutions. Typical examples: a customer has a manufacturing problem with a certain part. Or he needs a new part, but does not know whether and how to manufacture it most efficiently. Another customer has previously purchased his parts from us and processed them further. Suddenly there are technical changes, e.g. because of changes in the product range. A third customer has to have the turned parts he has purchased from us reworked in additional work steps and would like to reduce these additional costs.

We discuss all these issues in detail and together we look for the optimum solution. This can be just a small change, or a completely new procedure in the manufacturing process. Of course, every suggestion is thoroughly checked before the manufacturing process is adapted.





SerienproduktionSeries production

Quality, reliability, solution awareness

Values that matter to us

Quality does not just happen by itself. Instead, it is the result of a demanding, authentic corporate culture. Hermle has exemplified this culture from the day it was founded. That includes innovative solutions, a high production depth, reliability, adhering to schedules and, if necessary, a healthy dose of pragmatism.

We stand for environmental awareness, happy employees and treating our customers and suppliers fairly. And: Hermle continues to be 100% "Made in Germany".

Reasons that speak for Hermle

Why we are how we are


Obsessed with details: A tradition of precision


Extensive expertise, a high production depth


99 years of experience – 99 years of passion


Hermle – a 4th generation family business

Ready for the future: Rolf Hermle's son Dominik stands ready as the designated successor.

Rolf Hermle & Dominik Hermle

Careers at Hermle

It's time to get to know each other

Our enduring success is based on a loyal and motivated team. A good mixture of young and old – flexible, experienced and reliable ... and always with attention to detail. To ensure that we can continue to achieve this top quality in the years to come, we are counting on dedicated employees – people like you. Contact us – we are looking forward to your application.

Hermle Mechanische Uhrwerke und Drehteile GmbH & Co. KG is based in the Swabian Alps)Southwestern Germany has always been home to inventors and tinkerers. It's no coincidence that many well-known companies of global significance were founded right here.

The company has been known for decades for its high quality and precision in the areas of clocks, clockworks and turned parts. At its Reichenbach/Heuberg facilities, Hermle manufactures many turned parts, such as gears and pinions. Furthermore, the company is a long-established and sought-after partner for a wide range of industries, particularly when it comes to small and miniature parts. These include the automotive, mechanical engineering, medical, furniture, pneumatics and aviation sectors. The key to high customer satisfaction is a consistent adherence to schedules and the reliable compliance with all quality standards.

Hermle works with state-of-the-art machinery and is certified in accordance with DIN ISO9001:2015. In order to sustainably meet all customer requirements, it relies on cutting-edge measuring technologies and devices. In addition to medium-sized orders, the company also manufactures small batch sizes. Hermle supplies turned parts with diameters from 1 to 38 mm. It offers all standard surface refinements.

The traditional clock-making craft originated in the Swabian Alb (Alps) and the adjacent Black Forest. The highly developed and globally renowned clock industry, which also includes Hermle, evolved from it. The company is one of the last remaining clock manufacturers that makes traditional and modern clocks for residential spaces. All clock components are "Made in Germany" and are largely produced at the Hermle facility in Reichenbach am Heuberg.

The entire Hermle team is known for its goal-oriented, efficient and productive operation. The company has also made environmental protection a top priority to preserve the planet for future generations.


We are pleased to inform you about our cooperation with the famous wristwatch manufacturer Sinn SPEZIALUHREN ZU FRANKFURT AM MAIN. We produce for Sinn the wall clock in the style of their pilot's watch 857 with luminous display. It is a radio-controlled clock with creeping second. It is equipped with a satin stainless-steel case, anti-reflective mineral glass on both sides and a diameter of 297 mm. A decoration piece for the wall!

König Charles III. erhält beim Staatsbesuch eine Hermle Uhr

Auswärtiges Amt kontaktierte das Familienunternehmen aus Reichenbach am Heuberg

König Charles III. und Königsgemahlin Camilla waren vom 29.-31. März 2023 auf Staatsbesuch in Deutschland. Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier und seine Ehefrau Elke Büdenbender empfingen das Ehepaar. Während des dreitägigen Besuches und diversen Terminen kam es im Schloss Bellvue zu einer Geschenkübergabe des Bundespräsidenten an König Charles III. So erhielt dieser ein klassische, englische Tischuhr in einem hochwertigen Holzgehäuse mit Nussbaum-Finish und einem 8-Tage 4/4 Westminster-Schlagwerk mit automatischer Nachtabschaltung aus dem Hause Hermle DREHTEILE UND UHREN GmbH & CO. KG aus Reichenbach am Heuberg. Das Auswärtige Amt kontaktierte das Hause Hermle explizit mit diesem Modell und äußerte den Sonderwunsch eine spezielle Gravur auf der Uhr in Deutsch anzubringen: Seiner Majestät König Charles III. des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und Nordirland 1. Staatsbesuch in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland vom 29. bis 31. März 2023. Dies war ohne Zweifel keine alltägliche Anfrage.